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2024 Pipe of the Year - Preorders

We have selected Adam Sheehan of Carmette Pipes to carve our 2024 Pipe of The Year. The shape is a sandblasted Brandy Apple.

Pre-order Deadline: January 20th

The cost for the POY is $200 and available for purchase to all current members.

  • The shape is a sandblasted Brandy Apple and you can choose from 3 different stem types: black, cumberland red Swirl, or the green turquoise as pictured.* Please note that availability of materials could limit the stem colors, but we'll know what is available once we tally all the orders.

  • Pre-orders (no payment necessary) can be made now through January 20th.

  • Payment for the pipe is due by January 20th when we place our order.

  • Pipes are expected to be delivered by April.

  • Place your order with Steve Russmann at either the December or January meetings OR you can send an e-mail to Please specify your stem color preference (cumberland red swirl, black or green turquoise).


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